Backlift is a new technology that could make your range of technical seats much more comfortable. It’s a simple, compact mechanism that fits invisibly inside the seat pan. When you sit down a minimal, subtle movement re-activates your back’s anti-gravity mechanism: the same natural dynamic that drives the effortless self-support you see in young children

Generally this natural lift goes dormant in early life, but we have developed a way to restore the anti-gravity effect through design. We are looking to license the Backlift technology in the technical seating sector. This is how you can add a new kind of comfort to conventionally comfortable seats






After poor sightlines and work station alignment, the main cause of occupational strain is postural fatigue. It has become a platitude to say that sitting for long periods is unnatural and hard on your back, but at the detail level it is unnatural for your anti-gravity mechanism to be inactive/dormant. And if your back doesn’t support itself effortlessly then extended sitting (and standing) for work can only be tiring, even with the best ergonomic setup

Of course the lack of self-support is partly offset (and disguised) by leaning back against chairs or leaning on desks, but that isn’t always possible with technical work like dentistry and microscopy. Close focus often means you can’t prop yourself up and then it depends on how well your back supports you – or not. Backlift has been developed especially for the technical sector, where upright sitting is the norm






Postural weakness and strain is common in adults, but the first signs of change in anti-gravity come when children learn to read and write. Although the drop in self-support often becomes a lifelong pattern, it begins as a passive side-effect of concentration – which is why focus-based work can be so tiring

However, there is no biological advantage in your back being less supportive: it’s a passive problem which means there is nothing actively stopping it working better. We have developed an automatic way to keep your back actively open and comfortable while you work by building the anti-gravity effect directly into seating






The Backlift mechanism can be integrated into almost any type and design of seat with minimal change. We’ve fitted Backlift into a small range of sample technical seats. They have standard features and are deliberately generic in design – to show how even a basic chair can be radically improved


What makes the seats special is that they help your back to once again become effortlessly self-supporting. You feel lighter and lifted and, if you need to, it’s easier to sit upright for technical work because the usual muscle fatigue doesn’t happen. The catalyst is a small movement that wakes up your dormant postural intelligence and the result is original comfort


The best way to describe the Backlift effect is to say again that it’s the same anti-gravity dynamic that gently powers young children’s posture. This is ergonomics from the inside: the Backlift mechanism makes sitting more comfortable, by directly making you more comfortable






The Backlift concept comes from more than 30 years’ experience and research in back care and the mechanism has been developed and optimised over 6 years with support from industry and back care experts

We know that words and ideas cannot convey the anti-gravity difference, only direct experience can, so this is a friendly invitation to try our seats and experience this original kind of comfort for yourself



Paul Smith and Lucy Barron





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